Thursday, July 17, 2014

I am a "Nighthawk"

So I said earlier in the week that I was taking an iPad art class.  Well I have learned A LOT!

  1. Someday I would Love, Love, Love to meet Tricia Fuglestad!
  2. The iPads have unlimited things they can do.
  3. EVERYTHING awesome on the iPad takes mutliple steps, apps, actions.
Well I have managed to create a new "Wednesday curriculum*" that focuses on using the iPads.  I have to share with you what will be the students final project.  It is called Stepping into Art History and is totally inspired/stolen from Tricia's website

Here are the steps to what they will have to do:
  1. Find and save(to the camera roll) a famous art image they like. 
  2. Take a photo of themselves on the green screen doing something that would "fit" with the picture.  
  3. Open the Superimpose App (watch this vimeo by Tricia) and save the finished image to the camera roll.
  4. Scan a QR code to upload this image to Artsonia and write an "8th grade writing assessment inspired" artist statement. 
  5. Open the DoInk Green Screen App.  (Check out this video or this one) Use the modified famous image as the background image.  Record the student (or they can record themselves) doing a small artist summary. 
  6. Save video to camera roll.
  7. Using a QR code students will open my YouTube account and upload to a specific playlist. 
Here is my finished image:
see me hanging out on my iPad...
and here is my finished video:
ignore the goofy lady in purple...

Now to enjoy my last two weeks of "summer" before it is really back to school!
oh wait... I have one more class to finish!

Monday, July 14, 2014

iPad Class and my request

image credit
I am taking a super exciting class this week can "Advanced iPad in the Classroom."  I am super excited but like this picture above my iPad is pretty blank.  If you have a favorite iPad app, please share with me. Please leave a comment here so everyone else can learn from you also.
Thanks - Jen

Friday, June 13, 2014

Super Excited...

I am excited to announce that my backyard is so bad and nasty that I am a finalist in a backyard contest.  If you have a minute, please vote for us.  (Carlisle)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Class #1

This summer I am taking 3 classes.  This will help put me all the way across the pay scale and take some pressure off of myself to get there...

My first class has been Google Apps in the Classroom taught through Doane College by the one and only Lisa Pospishil (check her out on twitter, youtube and a "few" other places).  It has been great. The crazy thing is that EVERYTHING has been online.  Not one piece of paper has been used.  If that isn't the way of learning in the future...

Some of the super fun things I have been learning about are
This site is awesome.  It allows you to upload/enter your vocabulary and it will create flashcards, games and tests for your students to study from.  In 20 minutes I created a set of flashcards for every vocabulary section my PLC made this year.  It is so awesome!  

This website allows you to build your own customized "canvas." It has different size, styles and is so simple to use.  Here is the one I created for my Google Site.  It honestly took less than 15 minutes and went right into the site.

We have been also learning about being more effective in using YouTube and all things Google.  
We have also been working on creating a Google Site.  
It isn't going to take over my blog but where my blog is for me, this site is more for my students. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Super Me...

As a part of my class this week I am creating a list of awesome computer games/free time activities that I will share it later.  Here is this fun picture I created on The Hero Factory
It was fun and I can see my kiddo's loving this!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Today is the day

a while back I wrote about Doodle for Google and how awesome it is.  Today is the day that 11 year old Audrey Zhang has her image on the homepage.  How awesome!

Also today is the first day of my first summer class.  I get to take a Google class with Lisa Pospishil who is just awesome.  So here is to today!

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19 - Genius Hour Day One

With just a few weeks left to school I assigned my 6th graders a "Genius Hour" project.  Since I have had them for 2 years they have a pretty good idea of what my expectations are... so I felt pretty comfortable about this process.  I explain that their final project had 3 parts:
     #1.  A question (what do you want to learn about in regards to art?)
     #2.  Research (go find the knowledge... use books, internet, personal connections, etc)
     #3.  Present their knowledge to their classmates.

While I can't say that every project was amazing; I was pretty impressed with most of them and blown away by a few. Here are some from the first day of presentations:
a realistic eye
minecraft mask
duck tape creations
more duck tape
a cartoon drawing of her favorite video game
an entire notebook of cartoon foods
learning how to decorate a cake (it tasted really yummy also)
cartoons ( she wasn't allowed to draw someone that existed so she mixed characters)
research notes for the PowerPoint presentation she created about optical illusions
fingernail art
rubber band car racing across the room
a model plane... he had to research the plane since it was a kit
a handmade chalkboard
a really awesome flip book  (I will keep working on uploading the video of it)