Monday, January 16, 2017

Emotional Emoji's

My 5th graders were finishing up a lesson on color when we decided to review shapes, lines and colors with this fun project. I had them select an emoji they loved. They they had to choose a color(s) that would reflect the same emotion. Finally they had to select lines that showed their emotion. We put all the parts together and finished them with oil pastels. I love them!






Silently Scared


You can check out more over at our Artsonia site. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wild Color Wild Life

Earlier this year my 6th graders spent some time working on drawing animals. They focused on using shapes to sketch. They had to plan for and use a color theory. They also had to select and research an animals to share, demonstrating their personal voice. They were pretty fun to see all finished.

For most of them this was the first time we had done a whole project with tempera. I was pretty impressed with their blending and color mixing.

You can check out more at our Artsonia site. 

Don't tell anyone but the freedom in this cow painting just makes me soooo happy! It might just be my favorite.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Frank Lloyd Wright

During the NATA conference in McCook I was lucky enough to tour Nebraska's only Frank Lloyd Wright house. It was amazing. I have been fascinated by FLW since I read the book "Loving Frank" by Nancy Horan but touring this house and seeing his genius in person was breath taking.

Fast forward to my 5th graders shape assignment. We studied geometric shapes and created FLW inspired "windows."
On your planning sheet, design your window using geometric shapes.

tape overhead to planning sheet

use permanent black maker to create the "lead" lines.
(I am in love with Office Max brand permanent makers - see top photo)
flip up overhead and add a bit of color (colored glass)

trace square onto black construction paper

cut out square - be neat and careful

tape your "glass" on the "window frame"

You can check out more of my students finished projects over at our Artsonia site. 

Cleaning up...

So we found out that sometime this year our district is getting new computers (it is time...) so pardon me while I clean up my files and share old pictures.

At the end of last school year my 5th graders were finishing up their perspective projects
(exploding names with shapes and patterns)
I had them create collaborative tape murals in perspective using blue painters tape and old milk posters. They were a blast to make and the kids had a great time working together. 

(here's an un-cropped one so you can see the size) 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Don't Judge Me...

I just have to share this Steven Burton's work...
Here is BOOOOOOOM's explanation:

In “Skin Deep” photographer Steven Burton digitally removes the tattoos of ex-gang members, creating dramatic before-and-after style portraits that offer many subjects a glimpse of themselves they haven’t seen for decades. Not only do the images elicit strong emotional responses and personal reflections, the transformative series raises broader questions about social stigma and how we perceive others.

While I am not sure my middle schoolers are ready for this conversation (at least not this early in the year), I think the concept is so powerful. Even those of us who think we are open minded and don't judge people can't help but question ourself when we see these photos side by side. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Wednesday's Digital Art Class

My 6th grade students get an extra quarter of art every year. I work to make the focus be on creating digital art. My students love it and I love that our only set up is handing out iPads (art teachers who paint, clay, collage, etc during the rest of the week understand).

We started with VALUE LANDSCAPES where students learn how to use drawing pad and create a landscape with changing values to show space.

Then we moved onto LINE PORTRAITS where students reviewed the facial rules and contour line while drawing a self portrait. 
For a fun break, our next project was using FriendBlender to recreate a famous artwork with my students' faces. They had to research the artist and artwork so they could write a quality artist statement. This is one of my favorite projects for them to do. 

Our 4th project was a review of STILL LIVES with a focus on colors and blending. They were still working with drawing pad and their skills were improving. 

After we finished our still lives we reviewed how important our use of colors can be. Therefore, we created a COLOR WHEEL using the app TypeDrawing. The kids had a really fun time reviewing the color wheel with this fun app. 

As students finished their color wheel we discussed how the images were balanced. Did they use radial, symmetrical or asymmetrical balance. We then finished the quarter by creating radial designs that use their names to create the image. 

All in all, it was a fun quarter of art projects that lead to a lot of great discussions how easy doesn't always equal quality. It was also a really great way to review a lot of vocabulary we have covered in 5th grade (and before). 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Celebrating Creativity 2016

Every year we make the trek (that is what you call riding a bus for 2+ hours both ways) to Omaha for Celebrating Creativity at the Joslyn Art Museum. You can read about more trips here.

This year was another WONDERFUL experience.
 Students started the morning with 3 sessions. A tour of an specific gallery. I tagged along for the Dirt Meridian show. It was inspiring. This show focused on the photographs taken by Andrew Moore as he traveled along the 100th Meridian. These large print digital photographs were breathtaking. The docents led the students through some writing activities. I was so proud of the short poems my students wrote.
They also attended 2 different sessions. One of the students favorites is always the theatre makeup. Can you believe this was made with chocolate and strawberry sauce? Today's creepiest one was done on a students bald head. I swear it looked real from across the room.
Speaking of chocolate sauce... one of the sessions I stepped into was making prints with your food. Students were using photo paper and food of different consistencies to make these prints. The whole room smelled like a chefs kitchen and the kids were having so much fun! I wish I could have done this session! 
Outside of the classrooms there were some really, really intriguing weavings. I had to snap a couple of these student made projects. These were created by students in the Joslyn's art programs. They were beautiful and inspiring. 
 After the stimulating morning I had to recharge with a total foodie moment. The Durham Cafe always has the best food. Today's tomato bisques and greek salad didn't disappoint (and totally beat a typical school lunch).
The day concluded with a ANOTHER WONDERFUL presentation by the Omaha Symphony. Every year they amaze me by how they tie art and music together. Today they focused on the importance of appreciating the history of art and music. How being an active participant in music and art makes the experience so much more. 

Until next year... we will be back!